About Rocket Science VFX

With an exceptional crew of industry experts and access to some of the brightest minds in the business, Rocket Science continues to push the boundaries of visual effects and animation.

T o m   T u r n b u l l

With 28 years experience in production, Tom's worldwide credits include commercial, documentary, television and feature production. He has extensive experience with Motion Control as well as Motion Capture, miniatures and VFX element photography. He is the recipient of Gemini Awards for Best Visual Effects for "Terry" (CTV MOW 2006), "Shattered City: the Halifax Explosion" (CBC MOW 2004), and "The Arrow" (CBC miniseries, 1998) and has been nominated for three Prime Time Emmys for "Fringe" (Fox series, 2009), "Haven" (CBS miniseries, 2000) and "The Path to 9/11" (ABC miniseries, 2007).

R o b e r t   C r o w t h e r

It's not Brain Surgery, it's Rocket Science! Robert has been collaborating with producers and directors for 10 years, finding the most efficient and impressive ways to tell stories, with a little visual rocket fuel. You don't necessarily need a green screen!! Robert can provide ideas that guide the production and solve problems to achieve the otherwise impossible - either with planning, or on the fly. When the heck do you need it? Robert finishes his projects on schedule, to a top tier level, at the agreed cost. Recognized Quality... Robert has been nominated for a Prime time Emmy award and three Geminis, winning one Gemini.

A n t h o n y   P a t e r s o n

Through two decades of visual effects compositing, design, and supervision, numerous Gemini and Emmy award nominations, and with a background as the successful owner/operator of Nerve Digital, Anthony provides Rocket Science and its clients with a creative and effective management backbone. While managing all operations, finance, and technology of the company, Anthony makes time to design, supervise, and deliver photo-real visual effects, especially live action matte painting and 3D environments, for both feature film and television clients. In addition to his four prior Gemini nominations, Anthony was recently recognized with a Prime Time Emmy Nomination as Visual Effects Supervisor of "The Path to 9/11" (ABC miniseries, 2007).

M a y u r   P a t e l

Mayur has fourteen years of experience in visual effects and animation, as an artist, supervisor and technologist. He has worked on more than eighteen films, including Disney's Tarzan (1999), The Perfect Storm (2000), AI (2001) and Hulk (2003). In 2006, he supervised the visual effects for George Miller's Academy award winning animated feature, Happy Feet. Mayur published the book, The Digital Visual Effects Studio: The Artists and Their Work Revealed, in 2009.